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Currently in the UK, only one in two children are able to swim by the time they go to secondary school. We’re here to change this by best-in-class teaching in an innovative family first environment. Warrington, the armbands are off.

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at swim! we offer every child aged 3-11 a FREE swim! intro to place them in the correct group for their ability so they enjoy their swim! experience from day one.

at swim! we've created:

  • a fun and innovative experience for 3-11 year olds
  • clean, modern and warm changing rooms designed for children
  • a swim! programme focused on great technique before distance
  • swim! awards to celebrate achievements
  • a viewing lounge with refreshments and activities for the whole family
  • simple online booking with direct debit payments so there's no need to re-book every few weeks
  • members-only access, creating a safe swim! community for you and your family
  • smart lesson management to help you monitor progress
  • online guidance and support to help further develop skills outside of lessons
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swim! turns 1

We are so excited to be celebrating swim!’s 1st birthday! Exactly a year ago today, we opened the doors of swim! to families in the community of Warrington, with the aim of providing a bespoke learn-to-swim programme for children aged 3-11 in a modern, warm and safe facility.
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are children more unfit now than 20 years ago?

In an interesting article published by BBC News, researchers from the University of Essex carried out strength and fitness tests on 1,200 children in 1998, 2008 and 2014 to see how their fitness compared over the years.
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children in need at swim!

In support of Children in Need, we had a ‘Wear Your Pyjamas to swim!’ week, where our swimmers and our team wore their pyjamas to swim! – some swimmers joined our teachers in wearing their pyjamas in the pool!

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