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swim! FAQ


Why is swim! different to other lesson programmes?

At swim! our programme focuses on great technique and core skills before progressing onto distances, lessons have fun themes each week for children.

Our members-only access offers clean, modern and warm changing rooms designed for children, a panoramic viewing lounge with refreshments and activities for the whole family, smart lesson management and our unique swim! awards to celebrate your child’s achievements.

All of this comes with a simple online booking process and no need to rebook every few weeks.

What will swim! lessons be like?

swim! lessons will be delivered by qualified and inspiring swimming teachers who understand how to deliver fun and innovative swim! lessons.

All swim! lessons are structured around a plan, which includes game based learning and fun activities for every swim! group.

How much do swim! lessons cost?

£44 per month which includes:

  • all swim! awards (badges, certificates and stickers)
  • regular feedback sessions with your child's teacher to discuss their progress
  • members-only access to our swim! centre
  • online access to:
    • the swim! tracker to view progress within a swim! group
    • manage and transfer your child’s place once they move up a group
    • digital guidance for you to further help develop your skills outside of lessons

How do I book on?

Click here to get started.

What happens at the swim! intro?

It’s your chance to get to know us! Our swim! team will meet you, show you around the centre, help your child through the swim! assessment and then confirm with you the group they have been assigned to.

Our team will also be on hand to help you confirm your preferred day and time and ensure you receive your swim! welcome pack first swim! badge and swim! hat ready for the first lesson.

What happens in a swim! assessment?

The swim! assessment will be a fun based activity for your child to show us their skills in the water (even if it is just splashing the teacher!!) and getting used to the pool environment.

This will be a simple 10-minute assessment for our swim! teachers to assess them and assign them to the most appropriate swim! group for their ability.

How do I find out how my child is doing in their swim! lesson?

You can view progress after every lesson on your swim! tracker, accessed through your online account.

Every 3 months, we will also organise a teacher feedback session during lesson time for you to speak with the teacher about your child and their progress in more detail.

Does my child get a badge or an award?


When a child achieves all the skills required for a swim! group, they will receive a special congratulation from their swim! teacher and given an inflatable beach ball.

The ball can then be exchanged for a swim! badge and certificate in the swim! celebration area.

Can I watch the lessons?


We have a panoramic viewing lounge with drinks and refreshments available.

No family members are permitted to view lessons on poolside.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

This information will be provided in booking confirmation emails and the swim! welcome pack

Do parents have to get in the water?


Our teachers will assist your child in the water for swim! 1 and 2.

From swim! 3 upwards, teachers will teach from the side of the pool.

Are the swimming teachers qualified?

Yes, all our swim! teachers leading sessions are qualified to the Swim England (National Governing Body) Level 2 standard.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free unlimited parking onsite.

Do you have waiting lists?

Our online booking system will show how many spaces are available for each of our swim! groups and will also register your details should a waiting list be needed for a particular swim! group.

Does everyone have to wear swim hats?

Yes, this is our swim! policy to maintain high standards of cleanliness in our pools.

Your child will receive a swim! hat specific to their swim! group to be worn at every lesson.

Does my child have to wear arm discs?

All children in swim! 1 will wear arm discs throughout to help promote water confidence and to ensure their safety at all times.

From swim! 2 upwards, arm discs may be used based on individual need to develop confidence and independence in the water.

We know everyone is different so we will work with your child to ensure they are happy and confident in the water with the right swim! equipment when and where they need it.

Do I get discounts for multiple children booking on?

No, our lesson prices are standard at £44 per month.

Do you host birthday parties?

No we do not host parties at swim! Warrington.

Does swim! offer 1 to 1 lessons?

No, we don't currently.

However, if you would like to register your interest for 1 to 1 swim lessons should we do these in the future, please click here.

Does my child have to do the swim! intro – can we not just book onto a lesson?

Here at swim!, we want to ensure we give your child the best possible learn to swim experience. Your swim! intro will give us the chance to show you around, introduce you to the team and most importantly, assess your child to ensure they are placed in the correct swim! group for them. By doing this, your family is able to discover/explore swim! in a fun, supportive environment. To make the experience extra special for your little one, we will also give them their first swim! badge and goody bag!

Do you teach children with a disability?

Yes, as part of our group lessons. At swim! our teachers are trained to work with children with disabilities, however we don’t currently offer disability specific sessions. Our approach is to deliver integrated lessons across our programme. Our booking system offers you the opportunity to tell us about your child in more detail and how we can support them as best we can during lessons. Our lessons will have a maximum of 6 children per group. Please contact us should you wish to discuss any disability specific information on 0300 303 3580

How do I book a swim! intro?

In 3 easy clicks!

1. In the top right-hand corner toolbar, click on the “book now” icon

2. Scroll down the page and you will see another “book now”

3. Set up your personal swim! account, and select your preferred date for a swim! intro

I have a diary clash… how do I cancel a swim! intro?

Not to worry! Simply log into your account, go to your profile “view lessons” and select “change date”

How many children are in a swimming lesson?

Our swim! groups each have a maximum of 6 swimmers. This is to ensure teachers can maximise their time with each child, delivering lots of feedback to develop great swimming skills!

How do I add a second child onto my account?

Log into your swim! account and under “swimmers”, click the option to “add swimmer”

What is the temperature of the pool?

The temperature of the pool is 30 degrees.

What is the size and depth of the pool?

The pool at swim! warrington is 15m x 7m at a constant depth of 1.2m

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